Having been interested in making jewellery from a young age Janie started creating handcrafted pieces using beads. She has since completed several silversmith courses which has helped sharpen her ability in creating beautiful jewellery. After several years of making pretty pieces for herself and friends her skills came into their own when she agreed to marry me and started planing our wedding day.

The day was set in a beautiful large Victorian manor house and so to complement the surroundings and to add a touch of the vintage that she loves so much, Janie created her own unique tiara using a 1920s belt buckle and she reconditioned a vintage necklace to wear on the big day.

With a love for all things ornate combined with a need for perfection in everything she does you will hopefully love these jewellery pieces as much as Janie loves making them.

Please feel free to contact either Janie or myself if you wish to discuss how we can help you with providing a unique vintage piece of your very own.

In all of her designs Janie ensures all joins are made with jewellery wire which are neatly finished and leave no loose ends. Unlike some other designers no glue is used when joining pieces together.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a chat or if you want to ask us a question. Alternately there are answers to frequently asked questions on our FAQ pages.


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